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Excel/If formula with 2 conditions


QUESTION: Hi, I want to input a formula so that in cell S14 it will either give a 1 or stay blank. For it to give a 1 it must meet criteria. This criteria is C14=x and R14=x.

I tried this formula =IF(AND(C14=x,R14=x),"1","") but it keeps saying #NAME?

Can you help me please?

ANSWER: Hi Lauren!
How are you?

Please try the following


x is different from "x"

"x"  (between quotes) is the letter x

All data - letters or numbers - that you do not use for arithmetic operations have to be delimiter by quotes.

is executed it compares the content of C14 with the letter x

x  (without quotes) is a variable and refers to the value it represents

eg. if you give the name x to a cell and this cell has the value 6, when the formula


is executed it becomes



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you!

Also I am linking this spread sheet to another using a =SUMIFS formula but when I input the range which is column S (the column I have input this formula) it isn't adding the cells that has a 1 and has met the required conditions.

Do you know a way to solve this?


Hi Lauren!
How are you?

actually you do not need to use SumIF for summng the 1s of column S as this has only 1 or blank but if you want to see how to use sumif, please try the following



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