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Excel/multiple if statements with Vlookup


I am creating a spreadsheet to allocate commissions for private piano instruction.  There are three piano teachers: Harry, Susan, and Jay.  Though each teacher either does a 30 min lesson, a 45 min lesson or an hour lesson, they are NOT paid the same amount per lesson because they have different experience levels.  So, for example, Harry earns $20 for a 30 min lesson, while Jay earns $25.   Because the commissions differ by sales person but are fixed (ie not a percentage), I created three lookup tables: one for each salesperson.  I have validated that each vlookup table works.  

I am now trying to string together multiple "if" statements for my workbook so that I can tabulate their paychecks.  The statement I have written is:

=IF(B2="harry",VLOOKUP(F2,'Lookup Table '!$A$2:$B$8,2,FALSE), IF(B2="jay",VLOOKUP(F2,'Lookup Table '!$A$21:$B$27,2,FALSE), IF(B2="susan",VLOOKUP(F2,'Lookup Table '!$A$12:$B$18,2,FALSE))))

BUT, the only commission that looks up correctly is if the "teacher name" is set to Jay. If it is set to Harry or Susan, I get a "false" statement.  This is true whether I move the "jay" "if" statement to first or to the last of the three "if" statements.  

I have validated that the cell references are shifting appropriately with rows (ie, row 3 is reading IF(B3...)).  

I have validated that when I have a single if statement, the lookup tables work fine.  So, in other words, when the only statement is =IF(B2="harry",VLOOKUP(F2,'Lookup Table '!$A$2:$B$8,2,FALSE) I get Harry's commission numbers.  

Any thoughts or alternate approaches?


Sorry for the late response.  My internet connection has been down for over 24 hours due to a cut line.

I tested your formula and it worked fine for me.  (Excel 2010, Windows 7)

I tested with all three names in the same locations you show and the formula worked as expected.

if you want to send me your workbook, I can test it.

Since it works for me, that is the best I can offer.

Tom Ogilvy

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