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Hi, I thought you may help me with this problem. I have a set of numerical data (1 to 54) on a table that has dimensions of 10 columns and 100 rows and counting as I keep on adding new data regularly. The data is not arranged in any particular order. In terms of individual rows there is no repetition but in terms of columns there is repetition of data. For an example the row A1:J10 can never have the number “2” appear more than once, same goes for any number that appears on that row. However, in terms of columns there is a possibility that a number can appear more than once. For an example the column A4:A100 might have the number “14” appear more than once.
The question is how to create a table where I’ll be able to  read of how many times a particular number appears with another number in the same row, within my numerical set (1 to 54) , this will mean that my output table will be of dimensions (1 to 54) by (1 to 54).
For an example how many times has “3” appeared with “25” on the same row, how many times has “45” appeared with “12”, and so on.

An interesting question - and one which I was convinced a previous question some time back would cover - took me a while to find my example sheet, but I think that

will give you what you need - you could need to extend the formula in column J to handle the 10 columns rather than the 8 my original question had, and the results table would need expanding vertically and horizontally to handle the 54 possible numbers rather then the 45 on the original question, but other than that it should do what you want.
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