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Live data  
Dear Sir, Hope you doing well, I want to capture live data from website and put in a excel tables, I want to store one by one all the datas in my my excel sheets the way it changes from website the excel stores all the data without losing the previously stored datas.
The data which I want to store I have attached the jpg file for better understanding.

The website from which I want to store is ""

capturing data is relatively simple.  I'm assuming a recent version of Excel.  Use the Data Ribbon, and then the "from web" button on the Get External Data section.  Specify the website and where to store the data and Excel will build a web query to get the data for you.  To refresh it, you can either do it manually by right clicking and choosing refresh or you can go to the PROPERTIES (in the connections section of the data ribbon).  Here you can specify that the data will refresh at whatever interval you want.  The other part of the requirement to store data is more difficult, and to do it automatically would require VBA - I've not written such queries before, but it can be done using the information in this link

This gives the basic principle of running macros before updating - in your case, the data would need to be copied somewhere I imagine.
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