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QUESTION: Tom, I need your considered advise on the following questions. I have spoken to others also and also the Internet and there seem to be differences still

1. what is the exact way to number a word 2013 document with page 1 being the very first page of the document even though it maybe the cover page
2. what is the exact way to number a word document 2013 word with page 1 being the very first page of the document even though it maybe cover page
3.same as above 2 but with page 1 being the second page of the document   similarly for the excel
what difference in the above procedures  if I want yo say 1 OF 28,  2 of 28 rather then  1, 2, 3---
4. there also used to be a formula like control f9   parentheses  more parentheses etc. I have forgotten the exact one but i remember, it worked very well

Thank a lot!
I have given both my e-mails

ANSWER: aamir,

>I have given both my e-mails
I do not have access to this information.  All is see is "Questioner:  aamir"

for 4. see this article:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/95886
While it doesn't list Word 2013 that is because it was last updated in 2011.  It should still be applicable to Word 2013. (I am assuming - I don't have Office 2013 or any of its individual components).  

For 1 and 2 above (which appear the same to me), I stand by my previous instructions:

If you go to the Page Layout tab and then on the Sheet Options button on the lower part look at the little box with an arrow head on the right of the bottom part.  Click on that and you should get the Page Setup dialog.  Click on Header/Footer and then click on custom footer

you will see three sections (left, center, right).  The Buttons above these section are predefined "object" you can put in the section.  select the section and location in the section.  Then click on the # button to get the page number.  Then type in a space "of" and space, then click the ++ button to get the total of the number of pages.  This will give you the footer you describe.

Stop with the # button if you don't want "of 28"

Generally a cover page is just like any other page.  I am not aware of it being treated separately although if you are using some type of sophisticated outlining, then there may be special considerations.  

I only have Word 2007 here at work and it appears that it has a slightly different menu structure from Word 2013.  So I will have to refer  you to some Word 2013 documentation which answer you questions:

title: Start page numbering later in your document

title:  Start page numbers with something other than 1

title:  add page number of x-of-y to a document (your question on 2 of 28)

title:  add page numbers   (this is a top level general overview)

So I believe you should find what you want in these articles.  They appear straight forward.

Tom Ogilvy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: tom  thank you very much  i am now studying your response   as regards e-mails i should have said said e-mail addresses   that too i reduced to one because the system was not accepting both both

best regards


OK.  I understand on the email - just wanted to let you know that I can not see your email address - it is hidden from me.  Nonetheless, it appears you have received my answer.  Hope it answers all your questions.

Tom Ogilvy

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