I have two questions:

1) I have an excel workbook which has two spreadsheets.  Can you tell me how I can make one cell on one spreadsheet “pull” data from another cell on the other spreadsheet? (sorry I don’t know the technical terms)
i.e. Somehow the value in cell F24 on one of the spreadsheets would be referenced as part of an equation on the other spreadsheet.

2)   I have two excel spreadsheets.  On one of the spreadsheets, there is a column of numbers.   Although the display is a column of numbers, if you hover your cursor above it, the numbers are actually equations.  I would like to copy the numbers but not the equations onto another excel spreadsheet.  I presume that the best way to do this is to some how change this column of equations into literal numbers?   If so, could you kindly tell me how to do this?


1) if your sheets are called sheet1 and sheet2 (as an example) you would need a formula - it would look like this

Easiest way to create such a formula is to type the = sign, and then click onto the other sheet and the cell you want - excel will use this as the cell reference.  This formula basically says display here what you find on sheet2 cell F24.  probably worth pointing out that F24 is a relative reference, so if you copy this to other parts of the sheet it will change relative to it's current position (so dragging one cell down for instance would make the new formula show =Sheet2!F25)

2) copy the cells you want, then use paste special (you didn't specify the version of excel, so I cannot be specific about how to find this) and choose values.

I hope that this gives you what you need but please do ask if anything needs clarification or expansion.
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