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Excel/drive but not path changed in references


I have many files stored in a folder on a network drive. Let's call it N:\ (Z)Shared\etc
All of these files have formulas with references to another file in the same folder.
Another person was recently added to help me and often (but not always) his references are showing up as 'C:\ (Z)Shared\etc
Permissions don't allow us to copy straight to our C drives and I am lost as to how he is managing to get references to a file which doesn't exist and which of course are wrecking my whole system.
I can't recreate this reference, short of copying the directory to my hard drive, which as I said isn't possible because it's restricted.
Do you know how he could be doing this?
Thank you for your time.

Debbie Spellman,

Assuming he can't remap drive letters or anything, there is no restriction on typing in a reference to another excel file as long as it is visible and it should be visible if he has your file open.  Also, you can change a reference by doing a find and replace with the replace command on the right side of the home tab.  

change  N:\   to C:\  as an example.

He would just need to create the remainder of the path in his C drive.

Also, you can change link through excel itself. go to the Data tab and then on the connections command button is the edit links tab.  That would let you point an existing link to a new location.

Also, even though you may have restrictions on copying to the C Drive, is it possible he could attach the file to an email and mail it to himself.  If he mailed both files to himself and saved them in the same directory on the c drive, then when he opened the file with the links, I believe it first looks to the same directory (or he could have the linked to file already open -  believe that would be looked at first).  

Also, you say he can't copy it to his C drive, but can he do a save as to his C drive if the file is already open?  

I am sure there are other ways to do this.  If he is helping you, why not ask him to abide by the "rules"

Hope that give you some ideas on how this could be happening.

Tom Ogilvy  
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