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Dear Mr. Shahid

My query is very simple & I hope you will give me a solution for it.

If a value in cell J32 is less than value in cell U32, than value of cell U32 should turn GREEN, & if the values for same cells are reversed than value of cell U32 should turn RED.

If I drag down cell U32 it should give me the same result as for cell U32.


Pushap Jain

Please Google for Conditional Formatting in Excel. It is very hard to explain in text here. Basically, you can select a range of cells and add Conditional Formatting. There you have to mention a formula. You only need to mention the formula for the first row. In your example it will be:
"$J32 < $U32"

Then you set thhe desired colour (Green). The above formula will evaluate to True or False and your set formats will show up. This will work when you drag the values / formulas downward.

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