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Post Adjustment Sheet
Post Adjustment Sheet  

Repairer Database
Repairer Database  
Hi Gulshan

Wondering if you could help me fix the below formula, at the moment it copies and pastes a data range using the header as a lookup, it works ok but the only issue im having is that its only copying the cells with data in and when it overwrites the previous data if the previous data is bigger (spread over a larger range) it won't clear the whole row. For example if Im copying 5 codes across and the pravious data was spread over 15, it will overwrite the 1st 5 entries and then leave the rest.

A potential solution would be to if the copy range was set, ie it copied 151 cells of data and tranposed it across along with the emty cells but Im not sure how to edit the VBA to reflect this. Can you help?

Sub Reset()

If MsgBox("Have you made the necessary updates?", vbYesNo) = vbNo Then Exit Sub

  Dim oCell As Range
  Dim oTarget As Range

  For Each oCell In Worksheets("Post Adjustment").Range("A8:G8")
      If Len(oCell.Value) > 0 Then
        Set oTarget = Nothing
        Set oTarget = Worksheets("Repairer Database").Columns(1).Find(oCell.Value)
        If Not oTarget Is Nothing Then
        If Application.CountA(oCell.EntireColumn) > 1 Then
        oTarget.Offset(, 5).PasteSpecial xlValues, , , True
      End If
        End If
      End If
End Sub

Hi Ben,

If I understand correctly, you need to make sure the destination range is cleared up before pasting new data.

Have you tried clearcontents command.

You could select the destination range and clear the contents before pasting the new data.

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