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Excel/Enter data in one format but print in another format.


Good morning Damon,

Thank you for taking the time to look.

I would appreciate your help with the following or to know if it is even possible.
I am using Excel 2010 on Win7
Excel knowledge is basic, VBA very very basic.
Link to a copy of Intrastat workbook example

I get data sent to me in a very scrambled order, I enter the data into the spreadsheet, then manually sort it into a different order, manually add some subtotals then print it, the data would now be is the order that I have to use to enter it onto an online government form.

I have created the Data Entry part of the form with the use of a table.
The second half of the form, columns J to O, have been typed in as an example of what I would like to achieve.
Could VBA do this?

I would like the second part of the sheet or another sheet if necessary, to contain the print version.  This Print version would hold only the required (completed) data and would be sorted in a different order, an example can be seen in columns J to O of the sheet.
Thank you for looking,
Cornwall (UK)

Hello again Keith,

I finally got time to write that code--sorry about the delay.  Here's a macro that generates the print table from the "scrambled" table.  Please let me know if any problems.  I've tested it with the data you provided, but of course one should always test with a wide range of data.

Here's the code:

Sub MakePrintTable()
  Dim iRow    As Long     'row of input table
  Dim LRow    As Long     'last input data row
  Dim oRow    As Long     'row in printer table
  Dim InGroup As Boolean
  'Put headers on Printer table
  Range("J2") = "Trip No":      Range("K2") = Range("E1")
  Range("J3") = "Date":         Range("K3") = Range("E2")
  Range("J4") = "Value":        Range("K4") = Range("E3")
  Range("L1") = "Ex Rate":      Range("M1") = Range("G1")
  Range("N1") = "Species":      Range("O4") = Range("E4")
  Range("N2") = "Vessel Name":  Range("O2") = Range("A2")
  'put border around headers
  Dim i    As Integer
  With Range("J1:O4")
     For i = xlEdgeLeft To xlEdgeRight
        .Borders(i).ColorIndex = 0
     Next i
  End With
  iRow = 6
  oRow = 6
  LRow = Cells(65536, "D").End(xlUp).Row
     If Not IsEmpty(Cells(iRow, "D")) Then
        'iRow has data in column D, so transfer data
        'to printer table
        Cells(oRow, "J") = Cells(iRow, "C") 'Commodity Code
        Cells(oRow, "K") = Cells(iRow, "G") 'Total
        Cells(oRow, "L") = Cells(iRow, "D") 'Kilos
        Cells(oRow, "M") = Cells(iRow, "F") 'Total
        Cells(oRow, "N") = Cells(iRow, "B") 'British Name
        Cells(oRow, "O") = Cells(iRow, "A") 'French Name
        oRow = oRow + 1
     End If
     iRow = iRow + 1
  Loop Until iRow > LRow
  'sort print table by Commodity Code
  Range("J6", Cells(oRow, "O")).Sort Range("J6")
  'loop rows upward in the Printer table to separate CC groups
  InGroup = False
     oRow = oRow - 1
     'Check rows for same CC
     If Cells(oRow, "J") = Cells(oRow - 1, "J") Then
        'gray font rows in group
        Range(Cells(oRow, "J"), Cells(oRow, "O")).Font.ColorIndex = 16
        If Not InGroup Then
         InGroup = True
         'add extra rows for subtotal and spacer
         InsertRow oRow + 1
         If Not IsEmpty(Cells(oRow + 2, "J")) Then InsertRow oRow + 1
        End If
        If InGroup Then
         Range(Cells(oRow, "J"), Cells(oRow, "O")).Font.ColorIndex = 16
         'end of group
         'add a spacer row
         InsertRow oRow
         InGroup = False
        End If
     End If
  Loop Until oRow < 6
  'Now look for subtotal spacer lines and add subtotals
  LRow = Range("J65536").End(xlUp).Row
  For iRow = 6 To LRow
     'if CC is empty and previous CC is gray then subtotal row
     If IsEmpty(Cells(iRow, "J")) And Cells(iRow - 1, "J").Font.ColorIndex = 16 Then
        'iRow is Subtotal row
        Cells(iRow, "J") = Cells(iRow - 1, "J")
        Cells(iRow, "K").Formula = "=SubTotalAbove()"
        Cells(iRow, "L").Formula = "=SubTotalAbove()"
        Cells(iRow, "M").Formula = "=SubTotalAbove()"
        Range(Cells(iRow, "J"), Cells(iRow, "O")).Font.ColorIndex = xlColorIndexAutomatic
     End If
  Next iRow
  'Format columns K:M two decimals
  Range("K6:M100").NumberFormat = "#.##"
  'Add totals in columns K:M at bottom of table
  Dim iCol As Integer
  For iCol = 11 To 13   'K to M
     Cells(LRow + 2, iCol) = TotalBlackValues(Range(Cells(LRow, iCol), Cells(6, iCol)))
  Next iCol
  'put borders around total cells
  With Range(Cells(LRow + 2, "K"), Cells(LRow + 2, "M"))
     For i = xlEdgeLeft To xlEdgeRight
        .Borders(i).ColorIndex = 0
     Next i
  End With
End Sub

Function TotalBlackValues(R As Range) As Double

'  Totals cells in range R whose values are formatted the automatic (black) color

  Dim C    As Range 'an individual cell in the range R
  TotalBlackValues = 0
  For Each C In R
     If IsNumeric(C) Then
        If C.Font.ColorIndex = xlColorIndexAutomatic Then
         TotalBlackValues = TotalBlackValues + C.Value
        End If
     End If
  Next C
End Function

Function InsertRow(RowNum As Long)

'  Inserts cells in row RowNum between columns J and O, shifting
'  existing cells down.

  Range(Cells(RowNum, "J"), Cells(RowNum, "O")).Insert shift:=xlDown
End Function

Function SubTotalAbove() As Double
  'subtotals cells above the caller cell up to the the first empty cell
  Dim C    As Range 'a single cell
  SubTotalAbove = 0
  Set C = Application.Caller
     Set C = C.Offset(-1)
     SubTotalAbove = SubTotalAbove + C.Value
  Loop Until IsEmpty(C)
End Function

As you can see, there are also several helper functions included, but you only need to run the MakePrintTable macro.

I hope you find this helpful, and it saves you a lot of time and tedium.

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