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I need to create some kind of an alert in excel when a due date is approaching. What I have entered is the date the review has been completed so for example lets say I completed the review today which is 11/18/2015 and I want to be alerted 7 days in advance for when it is due again 365 days from 11/18/2015 which would be 11/18/2016. I know I can use =IF(B2>(TODAY()+365),"DUE","") if I was going to be entering 11/18/2016 as the due date but I am not I am entering date it was completed. I am struggling to figure it out. Thanks!

Hello Katie,

You can solve this issue by splitting your date in 2 columns. If I'm correct, you have only one column saying "Review date". Here's what I propose:
1. Create 2 columns
2. Call the first column as "Last Review done on"
3. Call the second column as "Next Review due on"
4. You can have a formula in the second column where value of second column is equal to value of first column + x days.
5. Now, use conditional formatting to identify all those records where the "Next Review due on" is < today + 7 days. You can set a different formatting to highlight such cells.
6. This way you just need to keep updating the Last review date, next date will be auto calculated and conditional formatting will automatically highlight when you get closer to the date.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need help in implementing any specific step in above proposal.

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