I have a giant spreadsheet.  Included are columns for Primary Email, Home Email and Work email.  I want to delete the duplicate email address for each individual row

I have highlighted them in red, and used the Remove Duplicate button.  It states that it is removing all the dups, but they are all still red and are all still there.

I have also checked to see if they are truly dups:  =e2=f2:  TRUE.

Please help.

The duplicate removal button is difficult to understand.

It will not remove a row where there is a duplicate unless there is another duplicate that is the same as the first.
for example

If cell A1 is 123 and cell B1 is 123
and cell A2 is 123 and cell B2 is 123
and cell A3 is 456 and cell B3 is 123

When you run the duplicate removal, row 2 will be removed it will leave row 1 as unique to the remainder of the sheet. and it will leave row 3 because it is unique to the remainder of the sheet.

This may not be the result you want since you still have 2 rows with 123 as the second e-mail address (assuming these are e-mail addresses)

I try to keep the process simple--
What I usually do is create by formula something I can sort on and then delete the ones I want to and keep what I do not want.

For example if you use the formula If(e2=f2,1,2)  You will get a 1 wherever you have a duplicate and a 2 where you do not.  I would then sort the data using the column with the 1's and 2's in it thus isolating the 1's.  It is then pretty easy to delete the rows that have 1 in them. You may need to run this a couple of times since you have three columns with e-mails in them.  After you have deleted the unwanted rows you can resort the data back to its original form.

If you have a giant spreadsheet you want to make sure you SAVE the original data before you run any of the procedures and scramble it up.

Hope this helps
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