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Hello Damon,

Excel 2003

In sheet1, I have three columns. Column "A" contains a name. Columns "B&C" contain numbers. I cannot sort the columns because they are fed to excel in a certain format.

I need a VBA script that will identify the numbers in Column "B" between 70 and 75 and place them in descending order along with the corresponding names in Sheet2. If the numbers in Column "B" are the same the ranking should look for values in column "C".

The end result should be a list of names with values between 70 and 75 with a secondary descending ranking for Column "C".

Thank you


Hi Dave,

I believe the following macro does what you describe.  I assumed that neither of the two sheets had a heading row, but you can add space for a header row on Sheet1 by initializing the iRow loop at 2 instead of 1, and on Sheet2 by initializing dRow = 2 instead of 1.

Here's the code:

Sub FilterSort()

  Dim iRow       As Long        'Row index on source worksheet
  Dim dRow       As Long        'Row index on destination worksheet
  Dim FromSh     As Worksheet   'Source worksheet
  Dim DestSh     As Worksheet   'Destination worksheet
  Set FromSh = Worksheets("Sheet1")
  Set DestSh = Worksheets("Sheet2")
  dRow = 1
  'copy data to destination worksheet
  With FromSh
     For iRow = 1 To .Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Row
        If .Cells(iRow, "B") > 70 And .Cells(iRow, "B") < 75 Then
         .Range(.Cells(iRow, "A"), .Cells(iRow, "C")).Copy _
         Destination:=DestSh.Cells(dRow, "A")
         dRow = dRow + 1
        End If
     Next iRow
  End With
  'sort the destination worksheet data using column B as the primary
  'sort key and column C as the secondary
  With DestSh
     .Range("A1", .Cells(dRow - 1, "C")).Sort Key1:=.Range("B1"), key2:=.Range("C1"), _
        order1:=xlDescending, order2:=xlDescending
  End With
End Sub

I hope you find this helpful.

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