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Tom: Im sorry to bother you so frequently, but you're the pinnacle of expertise to my ignorance.

I have some 7000 rows of text data in column K where sporadically there is text labeled <Player>1</Player>.  This might occur some 50 times.  

In "R1" is a number used as a starter.

I want a macro that starts in "K1" (it could definitely stop by row 9999) and searches down for every <Player>1</Player> and renames it sequentially <Player>whatever value is in R1</Player> for the first instance, <Player>1 more than whatever value is in R1</Player>for the second instance, <Player>2 more than whatever value is in R1</Player> etc for every additional instance.

Another macro would be needed to find a similar entry, but before the 1 is always the player's initials, so it might be AC1, KT1 WB1 etc, this macro would need to keep the initials while sequentially renaming the number 1s. so it would be AC2, KT3, WB4 (assuming R1 is 2 as a starter).




could you send a workbook to me so I can take a look.  It  is hard to write code on a word picture?

You can strip data that is sensitive and I will try to understand your requirement and give you a "first cut".  Then if you find that the code doesn't work on the actual workbook, we can discuss what the problem might be and rework it.

send to

I am going to my second job for about 6 hours, so won't be able to respond right away but if it is there when I get home, I will try to look at it.

Tom Ogilvy  
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