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I have a summary worksheet and 10 test results worksheet in 1 excel file.

The test result is a list with the following options to be selected:

Fail and Retest
Pass with caveat
Not yet tested
Unable to test

I would like to be able to calculate how many pass results recorded in the summary worksheet.

Thank you and kind regards, Novi


It appears that what you need is a countif formula.  This formula will count the number of incidents meeting the criteria within a given range.  Lets assume your results of Pass, Fail, Fail and Retest, Pass With Caveat, Not yet tested, and unable to test are included in the cell range from B1 through cell B100.  The formula would look like this =COUNTIF(B1:B100,"pass") or if you want to know how many fails there were the formula would look like this =COUNTIF(B1:B100,"fail").  I think you get the idea.

I usually take the formula a bit further and create the list of possible criteria and then refer to the list in the formula, for example---

Assume I create the list in cells E1 thru cell E6 with pass being in cell E1 and Fail being in cell E2, and so on.  I can now write the formula like this
So instead of typing pass in the criteria, i can now refer to cell E1 which has Pass in it.

Hope this helps


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