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QUESTION: I want to automate the Goal Seek command in an Excel worksheet (Windows 7, .xlsx file), and havenít been able to accomplish the task. (Do I need to save the file first as an .xlsm file?)

The cell locations of my Goal Seek targets are:

Set cell:  H29 (contains a formula)
To value:  C11 (manually entered)
By changing cell:  C33 (contains a formula)

My desire is for Goal Seek to automatically run each time the value in cell C11 is changed.

I donít know anything about VBA, nor have I ever written a macro.

How can I do this?

Thank you


Yes, the file will need to be saved as a .xlsm file because it will contain VBA code.

What you describe is easy to do and I will provide instructions as to how to do it.  But there is a problem with your problem description.  You state that Goal Seek should set H29 to value in C11 by changing C33.  But Goal Seek won't be able to change the value in C33 without wiping out the formula that you say is there.  

1. Is there actually a formula in C33?

2. If there is then Goal Seek will have to change a cell that C33 depends on rather than C33 directly.  If this is the case, then what is that cell?  

You can answer this using a followup question.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I checked, and there is NOT a formua in cell C33. I only thought there was, since the cell is apparently changed by a routine in my spreadsheet for which I was not the author.

Therefore, the corrected cell information is as follows:

Set cell:  H29 (contains a formula)
To value:  C11 (manually entered)
By changing cell:  C33 (manually entered)

Thank you,


Hi Ted,

Thank you for answering my questions. Here is how to do it:

Enter the following code into the worksheet's code module.  To to this, right-click on the worksheet's tab, select View Code option, then copy and paste this code into the Code pane:


Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
  If Target.Address = "$C$11" Then
     Range("H29").GoalSeek Goal:=Range("C11"), ChangingCell:=Range("C33")
  End If
End Sub

This code will monitor cell C11 for a change, and when it does it will run the GoalSeek method to change the value of C33 to get H29 to the value of C11.  Depending on the mathematics of the formula in H29 you many have to provide an initial guess at the correct value in C33 that comes more or less close to the solution value.

And again you will have to save as .xlsm and enable macros when you re-open the file.

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