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Do the files in the "search" page exist in MORE THAN ONE of the 5 folders??
No. Each of the file folders (1-5) contains a continuation of the excel files in number sequences. All the Excel files could be put in a single folder with no duplication. But that would mean about 70,000 files all sitting in one location. I'm sure Excel could handle it, but it seemed safer to break them up among five folders.
Thank you for the question. I just had no way yesterday to respond to your question because it doesn't seen the service has such a reply to question function.
Let me know if I've overlooked anything else you might need to know.


Sorry to be late in answering, but I am a CPA and I have been and still am just a bit busy right now.
I don't have the time to give you a complete answer but I would suggest you use the vlookup formula to do your search and bring back the data to your hits page.  What you would do is create a formula that would lookup in each of your files the file number you are looking for, but if no file is found, producing an error, then put nothing in as a result of the formula. the next part of the formula would be a vlookup in the second sheet then one in the third sheet etc until you have looked up in all of the sheets.  

With all of the files in one location you can write a lot simpler formula something like this


Hope this gives you a bit of help.  If you have not solved it by the 4/16, shoot me an e-mail and I will see what I can come up with.


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