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Hi Tom

In worksheet "backup" I have a range A2:D10000. In column A is a list of names.  In column D is a list of numbers.  There are multiple instances of the same name in column A.  For example, "Josie" appears 12 times.

On the same worksheet I have a classlist which appears in range F2:F40.  I need to calculate the number that appears most often relative to each student.  That figure needs to appear in cells G2:G40.

In cells H2:H40 I would like the second most common number to appear; in cells i2:i40  I would like the third most common number.

Is this something that can be achieved with a formula?

Thanks in advance


Christopher Mitchell,

You could put this in G2:


and drag fill down and then to the right.

However, I have assumed the numbers are between 1 and 7 inclusive and integers.

also this really probably won't work if you have duplicate counts for a student.  for example if had

Number  count
 4       3
 7       3

then you would get 4 in column G and 4 in column H.  Since I am using Match it won't break ties.  To get beyond that, would probably add require quite a bit more work.  

I don't know what your limitations are.  It can certainly done with a macro.  It may also be possible to use some additional columns to get intermediate results.  

You can send me a sample file to twogilvy@msn.com and say how you want to proceed.

Tom Ogilvy  
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