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Excel/index formulation help


I am using EXCEL 2007

I have formula in
Cell J4 =AND(I4=$O$4,I5=$O$5,I6=$O$6,I7=$O$7,I8=$O$8)
Cell k4 =MATCH(TRUE,J:J,0)
cell L4 =HYPERLINK("#"&ADDRESS(K4, 1), "Go to sequence")


In cell N4 I need formula to copy this value automatically of the cell after the squence is found in range I:I .
Also In cell K5 i need formula so that 174 comes automatically.

Hello Siraj,

If I understand correctly, you are trying to create a link for each true value in this list using the Match function. However, it does not work that way.
Match function will retrieve the first item that matches your criteria, thats why your first formula is working fine in K4 but will not work for subsequent items.

What I can suggest is that you use the formula directly next to each item. I.e. wherever your values are true, you will get a go to sequence link and where they are not true, you can get a blank value.
At this point you will have a list of blank and go to sequence values which are all mixed up.

Now you can use a pivot table to filter out the other values and keep only the go to sequence links.

Hope this helps,
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