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Hi Richard,
I am using Excel 2010.
I have a two column table of orders.
In column A - the date
In column B - the number of orders that were order in that date.
For example:
26/1/2015 - 6
27/1/2015 - 3

I wish to count all the order per each month.
Please advise.


The simplest way might be to use helper cells that convert the value in column A to a month number and then use the countif formula to count the number of 1's, and 2's and 3's, etc.
For example assume we make column C our helper cell column. The formula in cell C1 would be =MONTH(A1).  When copied down the formula would give you the month of each cell in column A as a numeric value, I.E. 1 for January, 2 for February, etc.  The formula to count the number of sales in January would then be =COUNTIF(C1:C100,1).  Of course the formula for number of sales in February would be =COUNTIF(C1:C100,2), and so on.  As you can see, in my example I have assumed the rows used are 1 thru 100.

Hope this works for you

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