Hi!  I have a spreadsheet that has various pivot tables and lookups being utilized on several tabs.  I use the same spreadsheet every month, but I had new data for the month and deleted old paid off data.  I have a column where I am combining two fields and it gives me a number- and it is formatted as general because it may not always have a number populating the field.  Most of the formulas are working fine.  When this information is populated it pulls another column using the combined field to populate an amount that was paid.  Just some of the rows, and only after I try to sort on the paid column, switches the number to #REF.  I have no idea why.  I have copies the formula from other cells, and have copied the formatting.  I even tried to switch it to a value and it put a formula back in the cell and put #REF.  Do you have any idea why this would be happening or what I need to do in order to correct the problem.  Oh......and two of the numbers come up as a scientific number although that too is formatted as general.  Thanks.

Hi Karen,
There's one possibility where you are pasting a cell pointing to a range beyond the sheet.

Eg. In source sheet, you have cell C5 containing a formula "=A1". Now, when you try to paste in a target sheet in a different location, say C4, then excel is trying to look for a cell above A1 which doesn't exist, hence your formula will become #REF.

Have you checked this possibility?

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