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so i have a formula, =COUNTIF(A:A,"grey")-COUNTIF(A:A,"grey-1") that will give me a number of the amount of tshirts that i have sold, or added, to my inventory. if i only sell shirts, i will have some negative number, if i got new ones in, i will have a positive number. it just counts the total number of shirts coming and going out for the day, lets say that number is in A1 and the number for today is -3, reflecting that i have sold 3 shirts. well i have the number of shirts i started with that morning, lets say 10, in column B1. i need for B1 to update its value by getting the sum from A1 and itself. is there a way to do that? now i can use a copy of my original spreadsheet to configure the new totals and all of that, but i need the master sheet to be updated using the numbers from the copy. i only sell 12 different tshirts with different sizes but i sell alot, as well as acquire new inventory, so i like to use this method because it allows me to use my barcode scanner. is there any way to get the cells to update their numbers from another sheet without the "=" operator? the = operator will not work because i wouldnt have a number to reference for calculations. help please.

I'm not 100% sure I understand the question, but it SOUNDS as though you want to store a value by updating a single cell without using a formula?  IF so, the only way to automatically do this would be via VBA (i.e a macro) - it may be clearer if I saw a sample file however - my direct email is support@flameenterprises.co.uk - it's also not clear what data you already hold, so if (for example) you are storing the date of the transaction, that could be used with a formula to determine the previous days stock level.
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