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Excel/Formula: Depending on Which Sheet a Cell is Selected from Using Another Formula


QUESTION: Hi, I'm not really sure how to word this, but I'll give it a shot. I've used Excel a while, but have had very little to do with formulas. I have a workbook with multiple sheets containing identical fields, but for different time periods. I've set up formulas to select a minimum and maximum value from ALL the sheets and add them to the summary worksheet. What I would like to do is make a separate formula next to each of these min or max results, that displays which sheet the min or max result is from. I'm not looking to use the sheet name -- I can use the cell on each sheet with the title. I've googled this, and have yet to find anything. :-/ Here's the formula I used to select the min/max cell values:  =MIN(INDEX(Hours17,MATCH(MIN('2014-02-17'!B4:B27),'2014-02-17'!B4:B27,0)),INDEX(Hours18,MATCH(MIN('2014-02-18'!B4:B27),'2014-02-18'!B4:B27,0)),INDEX(Hours19,MATCH(MIN('2014-02-19'!B4:B27),'2014-02-19'!B4:B27,0))) This is much more complex than I'm used to, and may not even be the right way to do it, but it's worked. So, the lowest # from the selected ranges on the three sheets is selected. Now how can I get a formula that will select a matching text cell on each sheet depending on which sheet the min answer was retrieved from? Hope that makes sense? Thanks in advance!!

ANSWER: Evelyn,

Since I don't know what Hours17, Hours19 or Hours19 refer to so it would be helpful to see your workbook and I believe I can work out a solution for you.

You can send it to

Tom Ogilvy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for responding so quickly, and sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
The data isn't owned by me, so I'd rather not share it, if you can work without it?
The named ranges (Hours17, Hours18, Hours19) refer to rows A4:A27 on each of three pages. The other ranges in the formula use the same rows as the named ranges, for each of the three pages where I'm looking for data. The formula looks in the B column of all three pages for the lowest value, and then supplies the one lowest value found on all 3, from the corresponding row in A1 of the page with that lowest value (this is on a fourth worksheet - a data summary page). My next step is for the name of the page (of the three pages the formula searches) to automatically come up in the cell next to the result of the formula above. Basically, if the lowest value in the B column is from sheet 2, then the title of that page that I've inserted in cell A1 of each page needs to come up next to the result from sheet 2. This is where I'm stuck. :-/


this worked for me:


change the G1 in the formula to refer to the cell that contains your original formula.

so if your original formula was in   Z25 the formula would be


Tom Ogilvy

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