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Hi Jerry,

I've came across an issue which Google doesn't seem to help with.

I have generated a training report and looking at cleaning the report up using a formula.  What i am looking at doing is for the formula to look at the course name and job title of each line to say if a person was needing to attend that course.

I have setup a table on another tab which has the header of each course name and then the job title's underneath.  

for example
A1 -Tranining course a
A2 - Office worker
A3 - Front line worker
A4 - Handyman

B1 - Training course b
B2 - Office Worker
B3 - Handyman

the report tab is

A1 - Name
B1 - Building Name
C1 - Job Title
D1 - Course Name
E1 - Course Date etc

I have tried a Hlookup but I got an error message, even when group with index and Match.

I have tried IF and done this against the job title for each individual line within the table and then the course but after a while it gives up and just shows N/A even though i know it should be showing a needed value.

I understand the concept for checking if employees have taken certain training courses or not.  It appears on one reference sheet you have listed two columns of training courses (A and B).  On the REPORT tab it appears your column C is important.

In your example, you do not reference where you have listed the training courses previously completed by each employee.
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