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Hello, I'm an team leader and makes a team reports. I have an excel have the numbers of the performance of all the team and i have separate excel for each team member. i want to know how to make link between the full report and the separate ones so i can add only in one report and automatically edit and add the numbers in the separate ones.
is there a way so i can do so?.


Hello Angela,

Depending on your requirements, there are multiple options.
1. You can create formula links between the Separate reports and Full report so that whenever the Separate Reports are updated, the Full report will be automatically updated. This can be done easily by just linking the cell with Separate reports. This works best when you are the only one maintaining reports. If multiple people work on reports, then there's a risk of someone updating the Separate Reports without your knowledge and the Full report will be impacted.

2. Above is the simple solution. The most advanced solution could be to write macros to automatically fetch data from Separate Reports and update that in the Full report. This will minimize human error and ensure that the data integrity in Full report.

There are various other options between 1 & 2 above depending on how comfortable you are with excel and to what extent you want to use it.

Do let me know if you need further help.

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