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Excel/one cell has 2 formullas


Dear Tom;
Hope you are doing well, I am facing two main challenges in my Excel sheet.
The first is;
I have a (total) cell which includes the sum of both (X, lets say E1:E10) and (Y, lets say A1:X1) culomn.

For some reason, it seems difficult to use (AND) and I couldnt gather these two equations for one cell (Total)

The second is;
How can I fix a cell with a fixed number while the parrelle cells (to this fixed one) remain changeble
for example; cell A1 is the total cell (which stand for number of ICU beds, lets say 200 beds)
Cell B1 is number of occupied bed (change value) and C1 is the number of vacant ICU bed (changed vlue).

I need to be sure that numbers in A1 is accurate, so if I change B1 to 80, C1 should be changed into 120 to keep the total 200

Please help me to solve this problem

Epidemiologist Nahid Batarfi

Nahid Batarfi,

AND is a logical function.  It would be used if your were testing conditions

example   =if(And(A1>=10,A1=<20,"A1 between 10 and 20 inclusive","A1 either <10 or >20")

if you want to get the total for two ranges you would use sum


that, will add E1 twice. so you could subtract it once or insure it is only added onece




for your second issue, if you type a number in A1 it should remain that number.  Calculation should not change the number.  If you want to prevent anyone from editing cell A1 and changing the value of the number, then that is a different issue.  

Each cell has a locked property.  by default, all cells in a new workbook are locked.  However, this does nothing until you protect the worksheet.  If you protect the worksheet, then locked cells can not be edited.  So if you want to pursue protecting your worksheet, you need to unlock the cells where you want to allow users to edit the cell.  You change this property by selecting the cell or cells and right clicking.  Choose format cells.  There should be a tab in the dialog called protection.  Click on that Tab and you can uncheck the locked property.  
Then save your file when done.  Now you can go to the review tab and select protect worksheet and assign a password.   There are also options you can specify to related to what can be done on a protected worksheet.  The help is a good place to go to find out about this or do a google or bing search on the microsoft office site to find articles about protection and all the options available to you - the topic is much more involved than could be discussed here - but for basic protection, I have told you how to do that.

Hopefully I have answered your questions.

Tom Ogilvy

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