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QUESTION: I am working in Excel 2010, in shared workbook.
I have an excel file with a column with the required delivery date and another column with the real delivery date. I want to highlight in red if the real delivery date is later than the required delivery date so I've set up 3 conditions:
1. If cell is blank set no format
2. If cell (real delivery) is equal to required delivery cell, set no format 3. If cell (real delivery) is greater than required delivery, fill red.

If, for instance, I have 31/8 in the required delivery date and the same in the real delivery date, then conditional works ok.
But if I have 1/9 in the required delivery date and I set the same date or any later date in the real delivery date, then cells turn red.

Am I using the wrong conditions?
How can I solve this problem?

ANSWER: Esther,

one possibility is that your cells contain strings that look like dates rather than being stored as actual excel date serial numbers.  If you select the cells and format them as general do they still look like  31/8 and 1/9  or do they look like 42247 and 42248.  The later is what they should look like if you actually have dates entered (assuming year of 2015).  You can see for real dates that Aug 8 is before Sept 1  (42247 < 42248)

If they are strings then you can enter the below formula to see that


it returns True.  That is because it is performing a string compare - character by character and 3 in 31 is greater than 1.  

I am guessing this is your situation.  So enter your dates as full dates and make sure they are stored as dates.

Also, if you are not going to alter the format for two of your conditions, you don't need to enter rules for that.  You only need to enter a rule for the condition that turns red.

Tom Ogilvy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

conditiona rules
conditiona rules  

QUESTION: Hello again! I checked your suggestion but I have the correct format in all columns. Everything is set as date so i do not understand why it does not work. I have tried to delete the conditions that are not necessary just in case, (for blank and smaller dates) but it still does not work.


Best I can offer is to look at your worksheet if you want to share it with me.  You can make a dummy worksheet that reproduces the problem (and remove any company confidential data) if you wish.  You can send it to twogilvy@msn.com   (tomorrow I am traveling so the sooner the better if you are going to send it).

Tom Ogilvy

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