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QUESTION: The formulas in the sheet after few minutes changes, like (=IFERROR(IF($N$1<=$G21;;(SUMIFS(Trans!$L:$L;Trans!$J:$J;'spareparts'!$A21;Trans!$C:$C;'spareparts'!$N$1)));)  ... changes to (=IFERROR(IF($N$1<=$G21;;(SUMIFS(Trans!$L:$L;Trans!$J:$J;'spareparts'!$A25;Trans!$C:$C;'spareparts'!$N$1)));)

changes the number of cell row A21 to A25 .. Although after set the formula it's still ok for few minutes, then start to change !!!

Thanks a lot Richard

ANSWER: Mohamed

I be sure why the row reference is changing.  One thing that could make it change is if 4 additional rows have been added between row 1 and row 21 in column A.  If that occurs then the cell reference would change to row 25.  

Hope this helps


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QUESTION: Thanks a lot Richard for your following,

for sure nothing been added, I just make sort or even make nothing in the sheet at all, but after few minutes the formula changes in just two Cells, A & G,
may be my computer problem as virus!?


If the data in cell A21 and G21 has not moved, then changing the cell reference to absolute should not change the results of the formula.  I would try changing those references to absolute and see what the result is.  Also if you did sort the data make sure your sort did not change the relevance of the references included in the formulas.

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