QUESTION: I want a formula that will see a certain name (from a list of multiple names used multiple times) in column B, see the corresponding monetary value in column E, add it to the previous corresponding monetary values in column E, and display the total so far in column F. I want it to do that for each line on the sheet. Thank you for your help!


Possibly I would guess you want a formula like

=Sumif(B:B,"Certain Name",E:E)

this would give you a total for a certain individual over all your data.  

But after thinking more about what you said I would suggest the below:

If you want a progressive total ("total so far in column F") going down column F based on the name found in Column B, then in F2 (assume headers in row 1) put in the formula

F2:  =Sumif($B$2:$B2,$B2,$E$2:$E2)

then drag fill this formula down column F.

in F3 this will become  =Sumif($B$2:$B3,$B3,$E$2:$E3)
in F4 this will become  =Sumif($B$2:$B4,$B4,$E$2:$E4)

and so forth giving you teh "total so far" per name in column B.  So where we have not "fixed" the reference with a Dollar sign ($), the row address will progress which matches one interpretation of your description

Tom Ogilvy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you, but what I want is more complicated than that... column B is list of MULTIPLE names, listed multiple times, in order of date. So column B goes something like this: Sarah N., Tammi P., Frederick T., Sarah N., David L., Tammi P., Samuel R., Sarah N., Sarah N., Taylor L. But each line I would like to have a running total in column F, which is basically that line's column E + all previous column E's that belong to the same person. Let me know if I need to send you the excel sheet so you can take a look. Thanks for the quick reply. Hope you can solve my problem and I hope this made more sense to you. Thanks.


your comments added no additional clarity for me at least nothing that would change my answer. If you want to send a copy of your workbook you can send it to


Fill in a couple of the expected amounts in column F as well.  Perhaps that will provide more insight into what you want.  


Regards, Tom Ogilvy
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