QUESTION: Column B is a list of multiple names used multiple times, sorted by date; i.e. Sarah, Kate, Drew, Sarah, Mike, Drew, Landon, Melanie, Melanie, Kate. They are earning money each week, and the monetary amounts are shown in column E. Column F needs to show a running total on each line for the amount each person has earned so far. (So if Sarah earned $50 week one, then the next time her name shows, it will add $50 + her new earnings of $75.) I want a formula that will see a certain name in column B, see the corresponding monetary value in column E, add it to the previous corresponding monetary values in column E, and display the total so far in column F. Hopefully that makes sense. Thank you for your help!


I recommend the SUMIF() function.  I have uploaded a sample here:


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QUESTION: I looked at the file in the dropbox, but I only see it as a picture, so I see names and numbers but no formulas. The information I provided were just examples, so can you please provide the formula you used?

Re: Dropbox - On the right-hand side of the screen click the down arrow next to OPEN and choose Microsoft Excel.

Here is the formula... but it doesn't really help much without a frame of reference (IE, I have no idea what rows contain data in your workbook):


My formula is located in cell F2... and then copied down so that it is the same formula... but the row number updates where there are not absolute references ($).
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