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Hii... Sir,
I created some employee details with some salary data, But now i am going to give one annexure along with that original for yearly basis, Already i created Dropdown at employee name, then how to do that, like if i select one person name automatically it has to change all the data in second sheet, I have more than 50 records to do....

I will need to make some assumptions in order to answer this --
1 - Page1 is "Sheet1"
2 - Page2 is "Sheet2"
3 - Sheet1 column headings are in A1:J1
4 - Data in Sheet1 will be from A2:J51
5 - In Sheet2 you have Drop List in "B1"; Emolument Titles in "B4:B13"
6 - You need data to come in at "C4:C13"

You enter following formula in C4 -

Now you copy this formula in all cells C5:C13.

You should get the data you are looking for.

Please let me know if it works or any error message that you are getting.

NOTE: If you add more records in Sheet1, you will need to change the formula.

With regards

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