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illustration of issue
illustration of issue  
Hi Tom
I have a range that contains data.  

I need to have an array formula that extracts data according to a given set of conditions.  So , in cell A3 is a dropdown box from which I can choose the name of a school.  

Range E3:O150 contains the source data.  The column headings  go from E2:P2.  the column heading for cell O2 is "School"  The other column headings are name1-name10 (cells E2:N2)

I wish to place a formula in cell R3 and copy it down to R103 and across to AB3.  It should do the following:

Extract only the individuals who have the word "Contributor" or "owner" assigned to their name.  These words can be found in range L3:N103.

Thanks in advance



While you picture is tiny, it looks like row 11 would be the only row that would appear in columns R:AB.  It isn't clear whether it should start in R11 or R3.  In other words should all the rows that satisfy the criteria be in contiguous rows in starting with R3 or should they appear in the same row as the original data?

It might be easier to send me a sample workbook to twogilvy@msn.com  (just a single sheet workbook - it can have dummy data in it but it will illustrate what you want to do.

Also, I can make the formulas a lot less calculation intensive if I put in the row numbers that should be retrieved in column Q and then each formula an R to AB would refer to that value.  Otherwise, they each would have to calculate what row to pull from  (this is if the data is contiguous stating in row 3.  It is in the same row, then no problem. )

Tom Ogilvy  
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