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could you help me with the formula for golf scoring using System 36

How to use System36Hdcp UDF
How to use System36Hdc  
Hi Lito,

I'm assuming you would like a formula that will calculate a golfer's System 36 handicap based on their scoring for an 18-hole round. Here is a user-defined function (UDF) that should make this easy.  It assumes you have the hole-by-hole scores on your worksheet, along with the hole-by-hole par values.

Use the function as shown the example given in the comments in the code for the function System36Hdcp below:

Function System36Hdcp(Par1to9 As Range, Par10to18 As Range, _
         Score1to9 As Range, Score10to18 As Range) As Integer
'Calculates golfer's System 36 18-hole handicap based on Par and Score data
'for the round of golf.
'  Par1to9     Range containing Par values for holes 1-9
'  Par10to18   Range containing Par values for holes 10-18
'  Score1to9   Range containing golfer's scores for holes 1-9
'  Score10to18 Range containing golfer's scores for holes 10-18

'  =System36Hdcp(B2:J2,L2:T2,B4:J4,L4:T4)
'     will yield the golfer's handicap assuming that his/her scores
'     for the front nine are in range B4:J4 and for the back nine
'     are in range L4:T4. Ranges B2:J2 and L2:T2 contain the Par values
'     for the front and back nine, respectively.
Dim iHole          As Integer
Dim ParDif          As Integer
Dim System36Points   As Integer

System36Points = 0

'Figure points on front nine
For iHole = 1 To 9
  ParDif = Score1to9(iHole) - Par1to9(iHole)
  If ParDif <= 0 Then
     System36Points = System36Points + 2
  ElseIf ParDif = 1 Then
     System36Points = System36Points + 1
  End If
Next iHole

'Figure points on back nine
For iHole = 9 To 18
  ParDif = Score10to18(iHole) - Par10to18(iHole)
  If ParDif <= 0 Then
     System36Points = System36Points + 2
  ElseIf ParDif = 1 Then
     System36Points = System36Points + 1
  End If
Next iHole

'Subtract points from 36 to get System 36 handicap
  System36Hdcp = 36 - System36Points
End Function

To install this function in your workbook go to the Visual Basic Editor (keyboard ALT-TMV in Excel), then insert a new macro module (Alt-IM), and finally paste the above code into the Code pane.

I have attached an image of an example worksheet showing the formula in cell W2 yielding for the round a 4 handicap.

I hope I have interpreted your question correctly, but if not please feel free to follow up and I will be happy to update my response.

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