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  It's been a while but I know you are the guy to ask for this macro-related question.

  I need a macro that will copy a named range (its a table of calculated values) to a user-specified location with a user-specified file name.

  I want ONLY the table to be saved as a file, not the other sheets in the workbook which helped calculate that table.

  The table to be copied is largely calculated results so it must be copied as values, since the other pages won't be present in the saved file.

   Furthermore, the saved file type must be a CSV type.

   The table is dynamic and must be referred to by its dynamic filename, which is DynOutputTable

   I envision bringing up File-->Save As, allowing the user to specify the file name and the output location, as well as presetting up the CSV file type (so they don't have to choose the CSV type manually).

  An alternate version could be to save the file as a predefined name with the week-ending date embedded in it, (Example: TimeCard061016.csv) yet still alllowing the user to select the destination folder each time they save.

  Perhaps there is an intermediate step where the table in question is saved out to a new single-sheet workbook with a temporary name, and it is that temporary workbook which would be Saved-As.  That would be okay with me if needed.

   Hoping you can easily knock this out (it doesn't seem too complex but is beyond my macro-writing abilities) and it isn't a difficult problem,

   >>>> Bill thanking you in advance!


this code worked for me.  I assume the Sheet with the table will be active when the macro is run.

Sub CopyTable()
Dim r As Range, bk As Workbook
Dim sh As Worksheet, fname As Variant
Set r = ActiveSheet.ListObjects("DynOutputTable").Range
Workbooks.Add Template:=xlWBATWorksheet
Set bk = ActiveWorkbook
Set sh = ActiveSheet
sh.Range("A1").PasteSpecial xlValues
fname = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:="timecard.csv", _
       FileFilter:="CSV Files (*.csv),*.csv", _
        Title:="Select File Name")
If fname = False Then
 MsgBox "Invalid name selection, quitting"
 bk.Close SaveChanges:=False
 Set bk = Nothing
 If LCase(Right(fname, 4)) <> ".csv" Then
   fname = fname & ".csv"
 End If
 bk.SaveAs Filename:=fname, FileFormat:=xlCSV
 bk.Close SaveChanges:=False
 Set bk = Nothing
End If
End Sub

Tom Ogilvy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


  Thanks for the incredibly-fast answer!

  I am having a problem with it.  The macro blows out at line

     Set r = ActiveSheet.ListObjects("DynOutputTable").Range

    The macro blowout message is "Runtime error '9'; subscript out of range"

  DynOutputTable is a dynamic range created by an OFFSET function, as follows

         =OFFSET(Translator!$A$1,0,0,'Hidden Sheet'!$E$4,3)

   where 'Hidden Sheet'!$E$4 contains a COUNTA of one column in the table.  

  When I enter DynOutputTable in the Name Box, the proper table is highlighted.

  Maybe the macro doesn't recognize dynamic table names?

   >>> Bill


So a listobject is an Excel Table, but it sounds like you just have a named range (which is dynamic).  So I would replace

Set r = ActiveSheet.ListObjects("DynOutputTable").Range


Set r = Thisworkbook.Names("DynOutputTable").ReferstoRange

I would expect that to work if it is in fact a named range.

Tom Ogilvy  
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