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Excel/Custom Function for Character Convertion


QUESTION: Dear Gulshan,
I Need to build a Custom Function that will look into a cell content and then convert the characters of that cell from the internal mapping.

For Example:

If Cell A1 has "K kha ga" then function convert(A1) will return ক খ গ

of course i will do an internal mapping for K kha ga with your advice

it could be
Case K is ক
Case kha is খ

or could be an excel range like vlookup operation.

Can this be done?

Warm Regards,

ANSWER: Dear Sami,

I think I can guess your requirement, you're trying to do some kind of translation using macros.
Before I start answering, I need a few clarifications:
1. Will each cell have only one character or more than one characters?
2. If each cell has more than one character, like a word or sentence, then do you want to lookup and replace one character at a time or the whole word or sentences?
3. How do you want to handle combines characters like Ksha, Pra etc.

Depending on your answers, you can either look for a formula or a macro based solution. Or if it gets too complicated, look online for some basic free translation tools.

Hope this helps,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hey Gulshan,
Thanks for your query.

A cell mostly will have joined letters like words. I understand the complexity, but it will be a unique work for any languistic text analatycal fields once done via vba function.

Note: I will be using it for Arabic to Buckwalter Transformation


Thanks for the clarification Sami.
We can try to make this work together. Please send me the following data to start with:
1. A sample string of Arabic Text
2. Buckwalter transliteration of that sample text
3. A look up / mapping chart which shows all the arabic characters and their corresponding results.

I did a quick search and you may be able to find some online tools doing this job, however, if you still want to continue, please provide me the above data and we can try to work on it.

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