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Hi Damon,

Office 2003

I have a cell that updates in real time. I need to capture the spread between it's high and low over n period of time. I currently can do this thanks to you, by using a timer to separate high and low and then pushing it to an array. That allows me to capture the spread over n periods of time. The problem is stability. Timers in Excel are pretty crappy. Any ideas for a more stable solution.

Hi David,

I assume you are using the OnTime event to trigger the code to give you the spread when each time period is up.  Correct?

Also are you using a Calculate or Change event to run your code each time the cell updates and look for/save new high/low values?  

Cam you also give me some more information about the stability problem?  I know timers and the OnTime event have a number of problems, but I need to better understand the exact nature of your problem.  Is something interfering with or delaying the OnTime event?  Certainly if you have a computer problem and have to reboot that will cancel the scheduled OnTime event run, but there are some things that can be done to re-schedule the run, but of course the end of the period might be past and you would have no way to know the the real high and low values were while the computer was down.

I'm ready to help when I understand your problem better.

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