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QUESTION: When Creating a CSV File for Upload is there a way to have a image column so you can upload everything together

ANSWER: Jessica:

When you say image, are you talking about a JPG, GIF, PNG, etc type images?  If so, the answer is no.  CSV, Comma Separated Values, is a "TEXT ONLY" file format.  

The only workaround I can think of is to have a column which provides a URL (www.whatever.com/image.jpg) to the image you want to use; however, you would need special programming on the receiving end to convert the URL to an actual image (that is beyond the scope of what I can provide as that requires computer programming).

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QUESTION: Can you please help me write the following formulas correctly. I appreciate your help

=IF(C:C=0,D:D=0 or IF C:C=Value then D:D=B-C

2nd Formula



This request is a little vague so I will try my best.  I'm assuming this formula will be in cell D1 and it will need to be copied down through the column:

=IF(OR(AND(C1=0,D1=0),C1=9999999),B1-C1,"Not True")

The 9999999 is where you said "Value"; however, you didn't tell me what value so I put in a bunch of 9s there.

In cell F1 you would put the following:

Then copy down.

Just out of curiosity, are these homework questions?
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