QUESTION: I am trying to create a formula that recognizes the contents of a column

such as credit card, cash,check etc....

Total Cash: calculates the sum of every line marked cash

Total Credit: calculates the sum of every line marked credit


ANSWER: Jessica:

It sounds like you need the SUMIF function.  SUMIF works like this:

=SUMIF(range, criteria, sum range)

For example, lets say column A has the words "Credit" and "Cash".  Column B has the values you want to sum.  You would use a formula like this:


For Cash you would just change the word inside the quotes to cash instead of credit.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.  In addition, if you are satisfied with my response, please remember to donate.


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QUESTION: I am new to Excel.  Thank you for your assistance with my last question! I will be sure to donate.  I have one additional question

I am trying find the most prominent transaction method

Column E: Credit Card, CASH, Check

The average is Credit Card

ANSWER: Jessica:

I am going to assume, by "most prominent", you mean the most common (each row treated as one equal value).  Alternatively, you could mean the one with the largest total payments (obtain a total of each payment type and then show the one with the largest total).

These type of "summary in one cell" type of formulas can be very complex.  If you had the following in column A, rows 1 through 15...

Credit Card
Credit Card
Credit Card
Credit Card
Credit Card

The most prominent is "Check".  In order to obtain this information you would use the following function:


This is an array function.  In order to enter an array function, you must do so by confirming with CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER instead of simply ENTER.

A properly entered array function will look like this (with braces surrounding it... but you don't actually type the braces):


If you don't enter as an array function, it will probably still work... but it might not work in all situations.

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QUESTION: I am trying to create a formula if

Column D = "Crest" then Column B -the invoice amount entered should subtract $40.00 from the amount entered

then if Column D = "Credda" the invoice amount entered should subtract $40 and then multiply by 1%

Thanks for your help


This would be done with an IF function.  For example, the following IF function populates another column with the requirements you specified:

=IF(D2="Crest",B2-40,IF(D2="Credda",(B2-40)*1.01,"Invalid Type"))

Assuming the above formula is placed in E2, then you would simply copy the formula down through column E.
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