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Hi sir i want to prepare  beam design spreadsheet and one thing difficult for me.i have four different titles like UB,UC,SKJ,RHS each have their own section list.i want to like i choose the first dropdown UC,and in second dropdown only uc section will be selected.sorry for my english


This is called dependent dropdowns.  It is a pretty large topic and there are several ways it could be done.  Since you have not provided any specifics and since this is a fairly complex topic requiring quite a bit of explanation, I will refer you to sources of information that explain how to do dynamic dropdowns in great detail.  One of the best resources is Debra Dalgleish's site.  You can go to

scroll down past the advertisements and you will see an index of topics covered on her site.  Look under the "D's" and you will see an entry for "+Data Validation".  Click on this and it will expand for all the topics related to data validation.  You will see several entries for dependent Dropdown/dependent lists.   You will find detailed instructions on these links.  
is a good place to start.  It is the link associated with "Dependent Lists" under the "+Data Validation" topic.  

Tom Ogilvy

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