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Beareck wrote at 2013-10-18 04:44:50
I know post is old, but I ran across while looking up other issues. So the best way to solve this by formatting the cells as Jessica said, but in a different manner as follows.

right click the cell or highlight multiple cells or the whole sheet as Jessica said. Left click on "format cells" and be sure you are on the number tab. Click on "Custom" then you can type in the format you want.

If you type in #####00.0### the cell will always return 2 digits left of the decimal and 1 right of the decimal. If there are more it will return up to 7 left and 4 right regardless of the numbers you type. If you need more or less you can add or delete pound sign to your format.

If you need the cell to have text before or after a number then you can use the format ###00"Green Frogs" and the cell will return up to 4 digits and always 2 and Green Frogs. If you type the number 2 into the cell with this format it would return 02Green Frogs so if you need a space between the text and number you would put a space after the beginning " mark such as

###00" Green Frogs" would return 02 Green Frogs.

If you need a cell/cells to have different colors you could use a format such as #,##0.00_);[Red](#,##0.00) and you will always get 3 numbers with 2 decimal points and negative numbers will be red.

You can use any combination of the above formats to make the cells show what you want. Hope this is useful.

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