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Excel/How to sum using macros


Bhumi wrote at 2009-03-16 23:27:35
Just wanted to say, thank you very much for such an explainative and simple solution to a very complicated problem. i have been searching for this solution for months now!!! Thank you very very much!!!

rahul wrote at 2013-10-03 07:30:06
Sub Macro1()


' Macro1 Macro

' MyFirstMacro



   Application.WindowState = xlMinimized

   Application.WindowState = xlNormal

   Application.Goto Reference:="Macro1"

  ' MsgBox ("Welcome rahul")

   Dim lastrow As Long

   Dim irow As Long

   Dim icol As Integer

   lastrow = 0


   For icol = 1 To 4

    irow = Cells(65536, icol).End(xlUp).Row

    If irow > lastrow Then lastrow = irow

    Next icol


    For irow = 1 To lastrow


      Cells(irow, "E") = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Range(Cells(irow, "A"), Cells(irow, "D")).Value)


    Next irow



End Sub

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