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Hello, Ruth Ross

I am an aspiring import and export agent and I would like
to know more about the working in the import/export field.

Does working as an import/export agent involve a lot of traveling?
and is it true that you can do all your import/export deals through the internet? I'd like to add flexibility and freedom of location in my job.



Jake K.

Hi Jake.
Thanks for your question.
As with many careers, it really depends on a lot of factors.
Agents cannot work alone. They need an entire support team in order to get their job done.
Some travel extensively while others don't travel nearly as much. It all depends on the team you have working with you and the accounts that you are managing.
Of course modern technology has made drastic changes in the life of an import agent.
Good luck with your endeavor!

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I am a US based importing/product sourcing agent. I assist companies with product sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. My area of specialty is importing to the US from China, Pakistan and other countries. I also help foreign companies with distribution services through our warehouse so that they can easily do business in the US through internet websites and selling platforms such as eBay and Amazon. We handle order fulfillment and warehousing to make shipping to US customers fast and cost effective for overseas companies. With the help of our pick and pack services, companies never have to step foot on US soil to do business here.


I have become an expert in this field by my hands on involvement in operating an internet based company which is involved in foreign trade. I have handled my own product sourcing, importing, logistics, and order fulfillment so now I can answer your questions and use my skills to assist you to do business in the United States and Canada.

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