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I was reading some of your post and found your email.

I am planning to start a retail store selling clothes. I will import
clothing from mainly Hong Kong and China. I am buying some of the stock lot
items from factory but then some of them are labeled or branded items.

I was told that if I am buying these overstock they are not copy or
counterfeit product so I have a "first right to sell". Is that true?  I will
be selling some Tee shirt that is branded some are small unknown brand, some
are bigger brand in the US or Europe.

Any suggestion?

Thank you for your question.
Have you done business with this source before?
In my opinion, this is too risky to leave to chance. Copyright and trademark laws are far more strict and more strictly enforced in the US than in China. Clothing and accessory counterfeits are the items with the most risk and are closely checked by US Customs. The chances of you getting counterfeits into the country after you have paid for them is slim to none. So imagine that if your source cannot be trusted and you pay them for product that you think is legitimate but then it is then caught before it even gets to you, you will be the one who pays the consequences. If some how it makes it through to you, it is only a matter of time before it will be caught at some point in the selling process.
Now I know that its not your intention to acquire or sell counterfeit goods but if you are not an expert at these brands, even you can be fooled and unknowingly sell them, thinking that they are the real deal. Even in such an instance, you will still pay the consequences.
That is why I say that it is far too much to risk. There is no safe way of knowing unless the manufacturer lists them as an authorized seller of their products. Most big name brands do not deal with middle men like this. Furthermore, it has been my experience that these big name companies would sell their overstock to outlet type sources within the US, not leave them for chance at factories in China.
My company, which is US based has all product shipped to us here in the US and we sell off factory seconds and overstock here. We have never left a scrap of product in any other country. It just is not customary to do so. I would stay away from this one.
Thanks again for your question.
Best of luck to you.

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