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Hi Lisa,

I'm currently living in Argentina and have family (both here and in the US) interested in starting a collaborative import/ export business (export to the US for resale).  We're all very new to this and have not yet settled on a specific product, though it will be foodstuffs/ wine.  

Can you please give me a basic list of where to begin my research and what permits/licenses will be required?

Specifically what customs/ import regulations will we face?

We will likely begin very small scale, by sending several samples and testing the waters for direct to consumer sales, but eventually we'd like to expand and sell directly to distributors.  

As you can see - we are starting from square one.  

Any guidance and advice would be warmly welcomed!


Hi Madeline,

Thank you for contacting me.  It sounds like you will need extensive counseling, but it would be helpful for me to know exactly what products you will be bringing in order to give you exact regulations.  I can tell you that commercial alcohol shipment will require a special excise tax and there will be permits required in the state that the wine will be going to.

Both wine and food will also require clearance by the Food and Drug Administration as well as a Prior Notice filing before importation.

I strongly suggest you respond back to me in "private" mode or start a new question to me in "private" mode so I can give you my contact information.  I can set up a consultation for you to explain some of the basics to you.

Best regards,

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