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Currently I use FedEx (air) to ship cotton tote bags made in India and shipped to the US.   I We are now looking at increasing our volume of bags shipped and need to research the ins and out of ocean shipping.     Could you offer me the basics to ocean shipping and how to find a reputable customs broker?  Thank you!

Hi Molly,

FYI, any person who receives a Brokers License from the Treasury Department must go through a federal background check so each person must be reputable.  There are a few companies out there that don't necessarily place a high regard on the law and some brokers are just plain lazy so yes, it can be a challenge finding a good company to work with.  You will also see that many of the larger companies out there don't wish to be bothered with first time or new importers as they tend to need a lot of hand holding.  This is why I offer consulting services as I enjoy helping people and want to help them avoid the pitfalls that they may encounter in the beginning.

I can assist you with obtaining rates and getting set up with a good reliable broker.  Please reply to me in "private" mode so we can exchange contact information.

best regards,

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I have over 20 years of experience in import transportation and customs clearance. I am not able to answer export related questions but can assist with imports into the United States.


I have been a licensed Customs Broker since 1996 and have been working for the freight forwarding industry for 24 years. I currently have my own business as an import consultant offering advice to importers in area of Customs regulatory compliance and am partnered with several prominent Customs attorneys.

CCBFA (Chicago Customs brokers and Forwarders Association) OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade) ITAGC (International Trade Association of Greater Chicago)

Licensed as Customs Broker, issued 1996 NCBFAA Certified Customs Specialist

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