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Hope you can assist me. I want to import clothes from China to Cape Town but I want to come to China first to meet with a few suppliers.

I have heard that there are places that just do shoes and places that just do clothes and places that just do accessories.

Where would be the best place to go to within China to source good quality affordable clothes?


ANSWER: Hi Amanda,

Yes, some factories do locate together in China.

If you are buying T-shirts, you better go to Nanchang, jiangxi province.

If you are buying sportswear, you better go to Fujian province.

If you are buying fashion, you better go to Guangdong province.

If you are buying accesories, you can consider Guangdong and Shandong provinces.

But China is big, you may waste time and money in Travelling. You can come to visit the trade fair while factories are gathered together. Here is the biggest fair website for your information:


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QUESTION: Thanks Liumao.

Just a couple of follow up questions:
1) Is it safe to travel by myself to Guangdong? I am seriously considering attending the Canton Fair.
2) I am opening a boutique so wont be able to order large quantities. Do you perhaps know if these factories present at the fair will sell small quantities? I know that this would increase the cost.


Hi Amanda,

1. Yes safe. Guangzhou is a city with lots of foreigners especially in Canton fair. But it is always right not to go out alone at late night.

2. You are right for the concern. About clothes, I think most of the factories will ask for minimum quantity of 500-1000pcs. How big is your shop? And what volume you wish to buy?

You may follow email to if there are many things to clarify?


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