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Exporting & Importing Goods/want to export indian materials to US


hello sir, i want to export some furniture items like inlay tbale tops of corian, hotel wares,wooden furniture to is requested if u can give some refrences from ur side , i m ready to give appropriate comssions on them.Also help me about the rules and regulation to export to US and packaging details. I will be thankful to u. Thanks and Warm Regards , Tanuj gupta , delhi, india

Thank you for your query. You may want to contact the US Embassy and talk to the Commercial Attache's office to get all and any up to date regulations and requirements.  Not knowing the quantities you have in mind, is really hard to assess the situation.  As for the referrals in the US, you may want to get in touch with construction associations and construction companies in the areas you are interested and in the states you wish to export to.  Good luck and many thanks.

Exporting & Importing Goods

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