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I do not have any experience in small business, so excuse me my questions if they appears silly.
I want to start a small exporting business (LLC) in Florida with only me as an single owner and employee. Basically, I want to do two things:
1) buy some clothing here and export it overseas
2) ship to overseas some clothes which are bought by my foreign partner  (some stores do not ship merchandise there, so I can ship it).
I wonder if I can do both these things or I need to concentrate on just one service (1 or 2). I also wonder if U need to pay any special taxes  to do these activities (1 or 2) which require obtaining tax registration certificate.
And when I should pay taxes anyway? Just once in year or there is any special procedure?
Thank you very much for taking your time reading these not very clear questions.

Thank you for your query and apologies for the delay. Been out of town and had no internet. Was not counting on not having it, but... that was it.  I believe you can do both.  Your question is too general and I cannot answer yes or no to the tax issues. You may want to contact the US Trade Office in Florida and find out which countries the US has treaties with regarding export-imports, also, you may contact the office or consulate of the country you are planning to sell the items too.  there may be import duties, as well, on their side. You do not mention volume, and, you will need to have an idea of volume to contract shipping companies and custom brokers. And to find out the more efficient transportation means.  I do apologize for the delay and for the generality in the answer, but, your question is really broad and with the information you game me this is what I can come up with. Good luck.

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