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I'm currently near New York city and am interested in starting my own tea label. I have connections in India to tea suppliers. I'm wondering what my next step is? Do I import the tea, then find someone to package it here? Or should I find a company in the U.S. that would do the packaging and labeling for me and use their teas initially. Also, what permits do you need for either scenario? And do you need an ingredients label and bar code for sales? My funding is limited, so I'd like to find the most common sense solution. Any ideas you would have would be really helpful.

Hello and I apologize for the delay but I do not check emails during the weekends. Tea. Your own label. Not an easy question to answer.  You may want to contact the FDA and the US Trade Commission reps as a starter. You may want to check out the Tea place at Chelsea Market. They offer many different varieties and they sell loose tea, packaged, and also serve it there.  If you are not that close to the CHelsea Market, you may want to scout your neighborhood's supermarket. Nowadays, supermarkets carry a large variety of teas and infusions. you may want to check out those that are imported and those which are packaged her. I believe that will give you an idea of what to expect. You are talking of limited funding, so, I believe you may be looking at a small operation and may be good to start small and local.  Let me know if these ideas help. If something else occurs to me,I will write to you. Good luck.

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