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I am a jewelry/accessories designer based in NYC. My production is done in China. Bulk will be shipped to me in NYC for QC, and then re-shipped to mostly UK & Europe to retailers.

What are my COO (country of origin) requirements? For China to USA and for USA to UK & Europe?
All my items are 925 sterling silver.


Hi Jean,

Your country of origin will be China if that is where the items are produced.  You can make mention of a U.S. design if you like.  

The items that are sent back out of the U.S. will be eligible for duty drawback upon export if they are in the same condition as when they are imported.  Alternatively you may be able to import them on a T.I.B. (Temporary Importation Bond) and pay no duty on them.  Please let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.


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